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Welcome to Premier Patient Housing! The leading authority in short term, temporary housing in Houston, TX.

Premier Patient Housing always strives to make sure guests feel safe and welcome while staying with us. Recently, Premier Patient Housing has partnered with ULTRA Cleanroom Technologies to bring the ultimate feeling of security to the table by making the cleaning experience the best possible. Read further to learn about what we and ULTRA Cleanroom Technologies are doing to make your stay even better.

Premier Patient Housing picked ULTRA Cleanroom Technologies for many reasons.  To begin, the owner and operator, Brian Trafton, has a career history of building cleanrooms for surgical and manufacturing environments. This let us know he was highly qualified to run a cleaning company such as this. On top of that, the company offers safe and highly efficient ways to reduce (and in most cases eliminate) viral pathogen footprints! The non-toxic disinfectants and implemented ultraviolet germicidal remediation for air, surfaces, and HVAC systems are in use by highly trained staff who’s goal is to ensure a clean environment.

Although Premier Patient Housing already does a great job at cleaning before new guests come, we have taken it to a new level with this partnership with ULTRA Cleanroom Technologies. This company specializes in making sure whatever room they clean becomes absolutely sterilized. By partnering with them, we are able to ensure every room is the cleanest and most sanitized it can possibly be before being opened up to new guests.