Best Mental Health Tips for the Holiday Wellness

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December rings in the holiday season and the year-end celebrations, but people do not account for all of the emotions that come along for the ride. It is an exciting, festive, yet somewhat stressful time for sure. That’s why Premier Patient Housing is here to aid in your holiday wellness journey to ensure you ring in the New Year the best you can be. 

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Holiday Stress

The holiday season can bring a lot of excitement and joy, but it’s not necessarily the most wonderful time of year for everyone. The Christmas season invokes many emotions, and not all of them are fondly looked forward to. If you find yourself reminiscing on Christmas long-long ago, then it’s always best to find some support during the holiday season. 


The best way to remedy some holiday sorrows would be to become involved in your community and not isolate yourself. It is a hard time of year for thousands of fellow Houstonians, so if you find yourself looking to fill your day consider volunteering and giving back to the community, there are plenty of resources available if you’re looking to be involved. 

If you can’t find the time because of family, then it’s always best practice to stop and smell the cedar – meaning you have to give yourself time and recollect during this time. It’s very easy to get lost during the traveling and holiday celebrations, so to ensure you remain on your ball game, remember to find time for yourself and take it slow – your holiday wellness will thank you for it.

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Anxiety is one of the most common emotional issues that arise every day, and these issues can intensify during the holiday season. Anxiety can be unpredictable and can come in different ways, for instance, many people have travel anxiety, meaning they get uneasy being in unfamiliar locations and feel uncomfortable being in a vehicle for extended periods. 

Everyone has their own way of dealing with anxiety, so keep the following tips in mind when you find yourself stressed out: 

Maintain a positive attitude. A negative mindset can be harmful to your emotional and physical health. 

Identify your triggers. To maintain your holiday wellness, limiting your exposure to your triggers is important. It will help you keep your cool during the holidays. 

Create and utilize a support system. The best practice during the holiday season is to make sure you remain open and honest with your loved ones. It’s a trying time, so ensure you maintain communication with everyone possible. 

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Asking For Help with your Holiday Wellness

From the point made above: it’s okay to ask for help. It’s the best thing you can do.

If you feel that your emotions are getting in the way of everyday activities, it may be time to seek professional help. People often feel shame that they need an external source for help, however, it’s the goal of Premier Patient Housing to help destigmatize the issues that come with mental health awareness. 

We feel that it’s best to take time for yourself and if that is not enough reach out for assistance. The last thing that you’d want is to have a bad holiday because you will continue to revisit the time every December and you’ll continue to damage your holiday wellness. 

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