Awareness of the Month

16 Mar
Kidney Cancer Awareness Month
A Compassionate Retreat During Kidney Cancer Awareness Month

March ushers in a focused lens on Kidney Cancer Awareness Month, shedding light on a complex health concern that demands attent...

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04 Jan
Cervical Cancer Awareness Month
A Haven of Support during Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

As January unfolds, it’s not just a new year; it’s also Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Amidst the sobering statistics and awa...

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24 Oct
Nurturing Support During Liver Cancer Awareness Month

Premier Patient Housing is a haven, offering a comfortable refuge and unwavering support throughout the journey.

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15 Aug stock photo of the Texas medical center edited
The Award Winning Hospitals of the Houston Area

Join PPH in exploring the hospitals that are leading the way in medical excellence, found here in the Houston Medical Center.

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27 Mar
Multiple Sclerosis
March Awareness: Multiple Sclerosis

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness month. For a condition that impacts the families of thousands across the world, Premier P...

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05 Dec
aids month
World AIDS Awareness Month

While December is the time of celebrations and holiday fun, it is also the month that the world recognizes the World AIDS Month...

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07 Nov
lung cancer
Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Beginning in 1995, Lung Cancer Awareness Month aims to highlight the treatment options, patient options, and the support from t...

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17 Oct
domestic violence awareness
Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  In addition to October being the annual observance of Breast Cancer awareness. October is also National Domestic Violenc...

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05 Sep
exercise self improvement
Self Improvement Month

No better time to reflect on yourself than during the change of the season. The best investment one can make during their lifet...

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01 Aug
eye health
Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

In the coming weeks, parents are preparing to send their children back-to-school with all the tools of success, including a bac...

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